ASHLEY THE MAKER installation artist

Ashley Nardone, an installation artist with a multi-disciplinary practice of creating art.

I am an installation artist, a filmmaker, an observer and a solver of puzzles.

I grew up practicing music, not art. Beginning my undergrad years as a piano performance major, my desire at the time was to work in music. After completing an AA at my local college, I had hoped for scholarship at my dream schools which were out of state and expensive. The aid I was offered just wasn’t enough, so I made a wise decision against student loans and looked to options at my local university, Florida Atlantic. I pursued Photography and Graphic Design and graduated with 2 BFAs + zero debt (a combination I’d recommend to every young person). Through my elective art classes, I discovered what would be my passion for the future – installation art.

Working with my hands and solving the mechanics of installation art pieces is incredibly fulfilling. I work with a variety of materials, though my favorites are elements from nature. I consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist because I engage in many art practices – sculpting, painting, photography, film, design, music, and even artisanal bread baking. As a maker, I draw from each of these things and I believe the work is affected by that perspective.

I began my art installation company DUOFAB in 2014. I’ve created work for companies including Anthropologie, Marriott, and Whole Foods along with many local restaurants and establishments down the Florida’s South East coast. I create custom artwork for commercial spaces, public art and the film industry.

I became a first-time filmmaker when I began work on a feature length documentary film, Jojo’s Circus,  at the end of 2018. The documentary probes into the lives of a family on a sailing trip halfway around the world. It is a synthesis of candid interviews, family footage and animated illustrations.

Ashley Nardone Sketching in Studio
Ashley Nardone preparing an art installation
Ashley Nardone working in the studio
Ashley Nardone in the Studio