Waking on the train

Walking up on the train, having scene after scene go by as I rubbed my groggy eyes awake made my inner adventurer gleam with satisfaction.

Moments like these that are the precise reason I wanted to take this trip

The night train brought me to the city of Celje where I had a 2 hour layover – plenty of time to make it worth stowing my backpack to explore freely around the city. There was some sort of festival happening on this Saturday morning in May. Tons of kids and families came out for the fun. I took a lovely walk down by the river and listened to a marching band at the festival before I turned back for the train station.

Wishing to visit the bathroom before hopping on the train, I sought the sign for the W.C. and headed that direction. I faltered at the door, however, and door infant of me simple read Z. Perplexed by not knowing the Slovene translation for Men/Women I just stood there unsure. A woman was approaching behind me, so I smoothly stepped out of the way and let her in front and conveniently provide the answer I was seeking. Turns out, ladies go to the door with the Z.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

My feet touched ground in Ljubljana early afternoon. Checked in at my hostel, The Fuzzy Log, and I was out exploring the town by 4pm. First I walked along the Lublianic River, then wondered up and down shopping streets, and soaked in the cafe culture around the triple bridge. 

I hiked up to the Ljubljana Castle and admired the city from up high. I didn’t realize that Ljubljana was so near high mountains. There are beautiful snow capped peaks just off in the distance. It’s a truly spectacular sight.